I have a lot of feelings about dragons

A couple more FR commissions that I finished!

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cats and fruit though

what is it with cats and fruit

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the first person to make it out of the inquisition character creator and actually start playing the game is stronger than the rest of us and should be respected as such

bonpoumon asked: "Re: mass effect interstellar communication - They use comm buoys (i guess little areas to boost communications) and quantum entanglement (which them talk about in me2, i believe?) You should search the mass effect wiki for communication. They've got a bunch of info there"
there are comm buoys scattered about the galaxy that ping signals through subspace and relays; in ME3 there’s the QEC which, because of physics and paired particles, allows for instant communication across long distances.
in mass effect i remember at the very least shep could talk to tim using quantum entanglement…presumably that’s how shep talked to the council and hackett but really idk

Ha, I figured that I was forgetting something. It’s been a while since I played through all of Mass Effect. Thank you!

(and just to clarify, that post wasn’t a complaint about Mass Effect—it was mostly meant as a “self look at how all this other sci-fi did or didn’t explain interstellar communication, please stop thinking about this so much when you can just wave your hands and say ‘space magic!’ like you’ve done to explain half of the other things in this setting.”)

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friends do not try to come up with scientifically plausible forms of interstellar communication in setting that have weird FTL systems

it will hurt your brain

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okay but how does interstellar communication work in other sci-fi things

like Mass Effect has the mass relays that shoot starships across space but

how is Shepard calling home to Earth

how is the Council able to contact Shepard

is there some explanation that I missed?? are they sending signals through the mass relays?? there’s no mention that I can remember of the Normandy having to be near mass relays in order to contact people??

and like every other sci-fi thing has this question too but Mass Effect was the first one that came to mind and what the fuck how does this work????

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hey guess who’s continuing to worldbuild instead of drawing.

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wait no this is wrong I fucked up I fUCKED UP

Starships can send message probes to planets and space stations and stuff but they cannot get replies because it’s next to impossible to contact starships

because you can’t know exactly where they are

because space is very big and starships are very small and also generally moving.

And it’s not like a starship can send you its current location because tHAT WOULD REQUIRE BEING ABLE TO GET A SIGNAL TO YOU.

And maybe if a starship really wanted to get a reply they could sit in the same spot for a week or more waiting for the reply but is that really worth it, especially when you don’t even know if your message got through and if you’re going to get a reply?

Even if you know that a starship is, for example, somewhere around these three solar systems, you don’t know exactly where it is and if you try to send a message probe to it then it’ll almost definitely land at least light months away and it’s not like the starship can see it and go to it in order to pick up the message it’s broadcasting because they can’t see it because the light reflecting off of it won’t reach them for months.

And in heavily populated regions of space there are probably like, message stations around each populated solar system, and people can send messages to those and then starships can stop by periodically and see if there are any messages waiting for them, and those stations probably have some sort of gravity well and FTL beacons near them so that the message probes can be fired accurately towards them and then the gravity can pull the probes to the station to pick them up and reuse them, because actually physically picking up the probes is a massive pain and they’re also expensive as fuck so you don’t want to waste them.

But if a starship isn’t in heavily populated regions of space you can’t contact it you just can’t there could be a fucking war breaking out at home and there’s no way for the crew of that starship to know.

What the fuck wHAT THE FUCK space is so fucking big oh my god

Like I’ve got all those weird space god cosmic being things and I just realized that you can’t fucking see them until they get really close because say one of them is ten light years away with is really close relative to how big space is you still won’t see it because the light reflecting off of it and the energy that it’s emitting won’t reach you for another ten years or more and these things can go faster than light because space magic and jesus fucking christ they could show up anywhere with no warning because we can’t fucking see them.

What the fucking fuck why is space so big why does light travel so slowly what the fuck.

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I wish you could search for like … multiple different colors and genes in the AH in Flight Rising.

like, currently I’m interested in buying iri/shim dragons, with their tertiary gene being underbelly, circuit, gembond, or smoke, and their primary color being mulberry/violet/purple/royal and their secondary color being sunshine/orange/fire/tangerine, or the other way around. But this is a pain to search for regularly, since I have to try … 32 different combinations of colors, if I did the math correctly?

I just want pretty purple and orange dragons, why is this so hard.

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The thing about Pacific Rim for me, though

after Mako Mori and the glorious colour palette and that delightful uplifting score

is the unflinching optimism of it all

the idea that my generation, and the next, and the one after would look giant monsters in the eye and face the end of our world as we know it and respond with “you know what? giant robots

and that the world would come together to face the monsters at the door

that the film holds no human villains

that the heroes aren’t just pretty white American boys, but also an unflinching black London marshal, and three fierce Chinese brothers and a tiny Japanese woman with a heart of folded steel

I don’t know, man, having grown up with dystopian films about the world turning to shit and it all being the fault of humanity (and don’t get me wrong, I love some of those movies, but wow, they wear you down) having a stubbornly optimistic film about stubborn, brave heroines and heroes really does something to really raise me up